What we’re fighting for

Too often, conservatives are forced to vote for the lesser of two evils---especially in New Jersey.

Here at Jersey Rising, however, we're not interested in electing evil of any degree. We are fighting to ensure that the grassroots conservative movement is represented, and that their voice is heard. The candidates we support must align with our values. We will not settle for anything less.

Medical Freedom

Throughout the COVID situation, we have seen the devastation wrought on the economy, on individuals, and on families by arrogant and incompetent officials who forced their own flawed judgment on others.

We must never again allow the government to seize such absolute control over our economy, our lives, and our personal medical decisions in the name of keeping us safe. Accordingly, candidates we support will fight for personal freedom and parental rights to make decisions on behalf of their own children.

In practice, this means opposing and rolling back vaccine mandates and mask mandates, championing workers' rights to make their own medical decisions without fear of reprisal from their employer, fighting against lockdowns or capacity restrictions of any sort, and ensuring that government and private businesses do not discriminate on the basis of vaccination status.

Bill of Rights

In a state where the governor has stated that the Bill of Rights is "above his paygrade," we need conservatives who will prioritize defending our constitutional rights over "bipartisanship."

To obtain our backing, candidates must commit to upholding the protections of the First Amendment, including the right to free speech, the right to peaceably assemble, and the freedom of religion. Under no circumstances should the government be able to cite churches for holding services, or arrest and fine individuals for organizing a protest.

Additionally, candidates must advocate for citizens' Second Amendment right to keep and bear arms. This means not only standing against future unconstitutional infringements, but also fighting to roll back the onerous and nonsensical restrictions currently in place.


Part of supporting medical freedom and bodily autonomy is protecting individuals from being killed against their will. Whether in the womb, or out of it, we stand for the right to life, and oppose legalized infanticide.

Jersey Rising candidates will be a bulwark against hideous abortion bills such as the "Reproductive Freedom Act," which seeks to coerce the entire state to participate in this cruel act through state-funded abortions and mandated abortion coverage in insurance plans.

Furthermore, we will fight to protect babies that are vulnerable under current New Jersey law by challenging the legal status quo, and working to pass legislative protections for the most vulnerable among us.


Throughout the country, parents are waking up to the divisive, racist, and anti-American propaganda known as "Critical Race Theory" being foisted on our children. In New Jersey, unfortunately, that is not even the worst of it.

New Jersey schools have become full-fledged indoctrination centers for the left-wing agenda. Governor Murphy and the New Jersey legislature see education as simply another avenue to push their partisan agenda, and accordingly have mandated the use of LGBTQ curriculum in all subject areas from middle school on up---with no option for parents to opt out.

Schools should not be partisan battlegrounds, and they should certainly not be avenues to teach children to see the world through the lens of race or sexual orientation.